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Alternative Compliance Application Form

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Name of qualified tax-exempt religious organization or other 501.(c) nonprofit organization
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Select one or more of the following alternative compliance options:

  Provide Easements - 50%
    Property owner to participate with the County and provide a temporary right-of-entry agreement for the County to install BMPs on property owned by the organization. To continue receiving the impervious area fee credit, installed BMPs must be maintained by the property owner of record and are subject to inspection by the Department of Environmental Resources.
  Outreach and Education - 25%
    Property owner agrees to take part in the County's outreach/education campaign to encourage other property owners to participate in the County's Rain Check Rebate Program for restoration, and create an environmental green team or ministry. Some examples of activities that an environmental green team/ ministry could perform include: tree planting, trash pick-up, good housekeeping to ensure clean lots, on-site recycling and better waste management and planting rain gardens.
  Green Care and Good Housekeeping - 25%
    Property owner agrees to use lawn management companies** that are certified in the proper use and application of fertilizers in connection with their green areas and lawns. Property owner also agrees to good housekeeping practices for ensuring clean lots.

** Business must be listed in the Maryland Department of Agriculture’s searchable pesticide database under the appropriate license category.

I certify on behalf of the qualified tax-exempt religious organization or other 501(c) nonprofit organization named above that I will implement the selected practice(s) in order to achieve alternative compliance status and be eligible for an impact fee reduction. Further, I understand that failure to continue implementing these practice(s) may result in a suspension of the impact fee reduction.